The Blog is Moving!

3 01 2009
So Forefronters- with having the online community, the new website, twitter communication, and more. Doubling up on blogs is going to be too much to even want to deal with. I currently do my own personal blog on ministry, Forefront, life, family, etc. I love blogging and love the communication it provides, but having multiple blogs is too much.
So with that being said… Sunday evening this blog will be laid to rest and I will continue posting, vision casting, talking about Forefront, ministry, our core values and mission over at Once you click on the link, on the right side you can subscribe via email to the blog and get all the latest posts and info.
Many of the posts are identical, but I want to free up time for people, family, and ministry. I am loving the new online community and with 100+ people and counting- it looks to be a great way to do what we originally thought was going to happen here. Also, you can check out the blog posts from the main page of the online community if you scroll down on the left.
Thanks for all you do at Forefront and remember, starting Monday, January 5, 2009- this blog will self-destruct.
Jason **over and out**

Forefront Community?

31 12 2008
What if we set-up an online community (like Facebook, Myspace, etc)? A place where Forefronters and friends could…
  • Make a profile
  • Load pictures of from your own life or FF events
  • Join in discussions and create your own
  • Load videos of your own or from YouTube & Google
  • Blog and share life with one another
  • View the updates of others and see what they’re up to
  • Meet new people and even meet up with them in real life (what a concept)

Hhhmmmm… well I guess all we would need are some people who were interested in being a part.
I wonder if anyone would want to be a part of something like that?
We’ll see.

Jason *over and out*

Daily Reading- Mark, Chapter 3

31 12 2008

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I love the book of Mark. I’m extremely A.D.D. and so the fact that he kind of moves from moment to moment quickly- it keeps my attention. There was one verse that really stuck out in this chapter after reading it this morning. Verses 24-25:

“24 If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand. 25 If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand.”

It made me think about two things.

Number one- my wife.
She knows what’s best almost all of the time for our family (notice I said what’s best and not, what’s right, I can’t ever tell her she’s right- j/k). Anytime something comes up she is usually the first to lay out a plan, but sometimes we don’t always agree. That causes the house to be divided- because sometimes disagreements in our house turn into World War 3 (I’m sure that never happens in your house). I wonder if our communication was better, if our relationship with God was stronger and more consistent, and we learned to compromise & give a little more… if our house would not be divided in those moments? I think we could fall into a place where God was the center and it wasn’t about our desires or plans. We’re not a wreck, but we are continually striving for a better marriage and family environment.

Number two- God’s church.
Everyone’s got an idea how to create and be the biggest, baddest church in the whole universe. I have my ideas, you ave your ideas, your kids and our students and our pets probably even have ideas… So what happens in the church when you put a ton of people who love God and are passionate about Him and have their idea of what’s best?!? It gets messy. The church was never meant to be a safe place. We bring baggage, hurt, pain, addiction, questions, doubts, and the list goes on. With all of that we want it to be a place where people can find Jesus and we can grow. So, through that passion sometimes comes ownership of ideas that if they aren’t made to happen- people get frustrated. Through that passion people in ministry areas butt heads over who is right.

I love that passion, but a house divided cannot stand. As followers of Jesus, we need to seek His plan. His plan for Forefront, for you, for those who are far from God. As we move forward into 2009, my prayer is that we will be a house that has “gel’ed” together through one common bond- that’s the fact that we love Jesus and want to share it with others. I wasn’t expecting a super big revelation today through the reading (to be honest), but God continues to speak to me and I’m so glad we’re doing this reading plan as a church.

Until next time,

Jason *over and out*

New Website Up & Running

30 12 2008

Hey Forefronters,

We’ve heard a lot of great feedback on our website over the last few months. We know quite a few volunteers have put a lot of hard work into it and it’s time for a face lift. We’ve cleaned it up, made it more simple to navigate, and tried to put everything right there for your viewing pleasure.

Our podcast will be down for a few days and relaunched brand new, so please bare with us as we get that for you, but you can listen to and download all the current messages through the media section on the site. You guys are great and we’ll see you Sunday as we kick off our new series, “REALITY FOREFRONT.”

Jason *over and out*

Daily Reading- Mark, Chapter 1

29 12 2008

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There is a lot going on with Jesus in this first section of Mark. We see him get baptized, tempted for 40 days by the devil, gets his team together (the disciples), drives out an evil spirit, heals a ton of people, gets away to pray, then starts the cycle all over again. The thing that stands out to me while reading this is the praying portion.

Verse 35, “Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed.”

In the midst of chaos and life going in a million directions; Jesus took the time to pray. Now what he prayed for I have no clue, but I’m willing to bet it was for strength and peace. I know throughout life I have faced some pretty trying times (many of you at Forefront have too), and in the middle of everything happening I have to remind myself to ask God to give my family and I peace and strength so we can look to him, rely on him, and not go totally insane. When we lean on him, things become clearer. When we trust him and go to God in prayer, he rewards our faithfulness.

Until next time,

Jason *over and out*


24 12 2008






“Well, Your Gift…”

24 12 2008

I saw this video and I am willing to bet some of you out there have felt like this before. Enjoy